Mob Rules: An Overview

By JJ Simon
Published on Oct 1st, 2012

Last year I heard a National Public Radio interview with Louis Ferrante, the author of "Mob Rules, What the Mafia can Teach the Legitimate Businessman." His story interested me so much I had to buy his book and learn more about his life and point of view.

Ferrante, a former mob associate, wrote this book after retiring from the life. He took what he learned about business in the street and applied it to making a legitimate living.

In Mob Rules he outlines specific principles of behavior for Soldiers, Capos, and Dons -- or Employees, Middle Management, and Bosses. The lessons are short, smart, and often illustrated with a factual story from Mob history.

The book starts with advice for Soldiers. These are employees. Whether you are an employee or you are at some level of management all of the lessons are for you, no matter what, we all answer to someone.

One of my favorite pieces of advice is lesson 17 "The bank of favors pays the highest interest." This is one of the principles that I practiced before I read the book that has paid off in my business life. When you do favors for people, especially when you go out of your way for someone, they will want to return the favor. Better than getting that favor returned, is the "good press" that you will get when they talk about you to their friends and associates.

Near the end of the “Soldiers” section we are given this gem. "Don't tip your hand: When to keep quiet." Ferrante highlights two examples from Mob history to illustrate this lesson.

"The mark of a true Mafioso is that he speaks little, makes each word count, and maintains a grave and dignified presence at all times, even under extreme provocation. ---Paul Lunde, Organized Crime.

"An ex-con named Frank Benjamin was heard bragging about how he was going to take out the whole Winter Hill crew.....A gunman loyal to the Winter Hill shot Benjamin in the head."
---T.J. English Paddy Whacked: The untold story of the Irish American Gangster.

Once again this piece of advice seems like something everyone should know and it relates directly to the previous piece of advice about loose lips. People often talk with no attention to what they say or to whom they may be talking. In the world of the Mob, this can be a deadly mistake.

Next month we'll look at Mob Rules lessons for middle management.

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