World Martial Art's Training Day - Train For The Love Of It

By Diane Ruth
Published on Dec 18th, 2009

Tuesday, December 15th, World Martial Art's Training Day. It is a time to renew our love for our Art, our love for training, and to honor Mr. Parker and his legacy. Mr. Parker made countless contributions to the Martial Arts.

I hope everyone took the opportunity to train for the Love of it. I was fortunate to train with my husband (Melvin Ruth) and one of our good friends (JJ Simon). We chose to train Kenpo via ground fighting. We worked through various ground positions utilizing the best targets, weapons and angles. We made many discoveries. We all hope you enjoyed training that day.

How wonderful it was to set aside the daily stressors of life and do something fun with people you share a passion with. To completely focus your body, mind and breath for a few hours. To apply the science of the principles of motion and to test the boundaries of Logic. It
was a wonderful experience both challenging and fun. My spirit has been renewed.

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Author Bio :: Diane Ruth

Diane started training in the Martial Arts in 1997 and received her Black Belt certification in 2003. For fifteen years Mrs. Ruth has trained in Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate exclusively. She is a professional instructor teaching both children and adults. Mrs. Ruth is a partner in M&D's Modern Martial Arts Club. M&D's Modern Martial Arts Club which is affiliated with The MALC and Kenpo2000. Diane's primary focus is developing a complete teaching strategy which incorporates Principle Based teaching.

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