Residential Values

By Dennis Lawson
Published on Nov 30th, 2009

Once again we have finished our week long Residential of training, testing, and fun at the beach. I was recently asked about the cost of the event for participants vs. other Martial Arts events. I decided to do a comparison of the Residential, not with tournaments or seminars, but vs. a week at the beach. Here goes: Transportation to and from Philadelphia International Airport to the Delaware Beaches = $95.00 per person each way. If you wanted transportation while at the beach, a recent week long rental for an economy car was $270.00 plus taxes, fuel, and insurance. Hotels in the area with an ocean view option (2 to 3 star) prices vary from $70 per night to $140 per night (most require double occupancy for the cheaper rate) @ 6 nights $420 to $840. I would recommend the ocean view. We "whale watched" from our 3rd story porch on Wednesday morning. I saw my first fluke (tail fin) while sipping my morning coffee. Meal cost, even at McDonalds, could run from $7 to $12 per day or $42 to $72 for the week.

So with a bit of luck, the economy car could be $300, and if the hotel was less than $600, you'd have a little over $100 to spend on meals for the week! Residential participant fees were $1000 for the week. That fee included transportation, meals, training, and testing (if applicable).

The 2009 Residential menu included:

Breakfast --- Quiche, egg souffls, homemade waffles, cereals, fruits, fresh bagels, etc.
Lunch --- from hummus and tofu to burgers and grilled pork tenderloin, sandwiches, salads (various greens, Salad Nicoise, tomato, mozzarella and basil), soups (acorn squash, cream of asparagus, French onion)
Dinner --- Southern style BBQ ribs, Grilled Tuna Loin with garlic, ginger, and wasabi mayonnaise, Prime Rib a jus with baked potatoes, Maryland crab cakes, Beef Tenderloin, fried oysters
Desserts --- pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate almond brownies, assorted cookies, pear and cranberry bread pudding with white chocolate sauce, assorted hand made ice creams. The fee also covered bottled water, sodas, 2 cases of wine, and 4 cases of beer --- when the beer was gone - we passed the hat!

Some other extras you might miss (watch that budget!) include: We had an afternoon kayak trip. A 1/2 day kayak outing with snacks, your cost would be $45 to $85. The bodywork that Nora and Dayle gave freely, and far too generously, usually cost $80 an hour or more. Lela Simon, ACE certified personal trainer, ran fitness workouts on the beach and taught a seminar on postural integration. Lela's standard fee for a postural evaluation runs about $50.

If I were to compare the Residential to a typical martial arts event --- there's the martial arts stuff: Each session was monitored by 2 instructors certified in CPR/ First Aid. Seminar fees can run from $20 to $50 per hour. Our seminars included: Logic and Basics of Ed Parker's Kenpo, An introduction to Wado Ryu Karate, Obscure Zones. We had demonstrations of Kenjutsu (Japanese sword) and from Melvin and Diane Ruth's White Belt class (the kids had only trained for 10 lessons!)

Testing Fee usually varies $100 to $250 --- Evaluation for rank at Residential 2009 encompassed 3 days. Each candidate received the notes taken on their performance by evaluators and had individual interviews with each evaluator. As part of the evaluation, candidates for 2nd degree were required to teach a class for their contemporaries and instructors. No trophies, but there was competition. Shooting pool, kayak racing, and, of course, (tax-free) speed shopping!

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Author Bio :: Dennis Lawson

Dennis Lawson has trained for 4 decades in Ed Parker's Kenpo. During his varied career, Mr. Lawson has been an IKKA Regional Director for Region #3, has acted as Master of Ceremonies for the International Karate Championships, and has published numerous articles in publications for the International Kenpo Karate Association, The Martial Arts Learning Community (TheMALC), and Kenpo 2000.

Mr. Lawson has had the opportunity to study other Martial Arts and holds advanced rank in Aikido and Takemusu Aiki Budo. Dennis taught, competed in, and promoted events in the New Orleans area for 20 years. Among his list of favorite achievements is choreographing and performing Kenpo for the Dance Council of New Orleans. His academic background in psychology and love of music allow Dennis to offer a unique and entertaining approach to tailoring "the Art" to the individual. Dennis has taught seminars in Ireland, Jersey Channel Islands, The Netherlands, Portugal, and throughout the United States.

Dennis holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt in Ed Parker's Kenpo and was awarded the title “Professor” under the auspices of The Martial Arts Learning Community (TheMALC). Mr. Lawson was inducted into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame as Master Instructor of the Year for 2006.

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