Our First Event

By Dee Ilderton
Published on Dec 12th, 2008

The MALC'S first event in the UK was the brainchild of Mike Ilderton and Richard Matthews. Both Newcastle United supporters and supporters of the legendary Sir Bobby Robson whose brave fight against cancer has captured the heart of millions.

We decided to hold a mixed martial arts festival to raise money for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. Over the weekend of 21 - 23 November, we gathered together American kenpo karate, wado ryu, shotokan, judo, kung fu and historical weapons instructors. Each instructor gave their time freely and willingly. The event opened with a lion dance from Paul Tennant of moi fa kung fu and then an exhibition of judo from the Newburn Judo Club led by Holly, an English team participator.

Then the floor was opened for Richard Matthews, Kevin Mills, Bill McElhone, Lucinda and Iain Evans, Les Grihault, Jason O'Keefe and Andy Fitzgerald to conduct their seminars. Mike was in a continuous state of high anxiety by this time and was making sure everyone enjoyed themselves.

Over 200 students and instructors took part over the weekend and everyone's ego was left at the door!

Over 1,400 was raised for the Foundation and hopefully within the next few weeks the letter from Sir Bobby will arrive to say thank you to MALC and the other organisations and instructors for raising so much money.

The Saturday night was truly eventful. About 14 instructors went to dinner and Dee "escorted" Richard and Mike home! A good time was had by all.

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