Tuesday's Are A Blast! - Long Gun Training Part 1

By Diane Ruth
Published on Sep 1st, 2009

Recently a few of us expressed interest in learning how to shoot rifles and with Dennis' encouragement Melvin Ruth was kind enough to put together a Long Gun Training Course for us. Lena, Nora, Dennis and I came to our first class not knowing what to expect, but very eager to learn. Most of us had no experience with weapons at this point. Melvin, being a former safety advocate at work, made sure we understood that safety was FIRST. We had to learn and understand the 10 Commandments of gun safety before we could even look at the weapons.

Melvin proceeded to teach us about the different types of long guns and the bullets that go with them (Commandment #4 - Be sure the barrel and action are clear of obstruction and you have the proper ammunition for the firearm you are carrying). There was a lot of information about caliber's, actions, releases, but it was not overwhelming for our first class. We ended the session with dry firing a 30 - 30 lever action with hammer block safety and a 410 with a spring activated practice round. We paired off and each took turns dry firing and coaching. To give us a visual/kinesthetic queue, Melvin had us place a dime on the barrel to help us keep the rifle steady and keep our breathing calm. This really help reduced our anxiety over shooting and it was so much fun. After seeing how excited we were after shooting I can now appreciate why Melvin wanted to make sure we were safe and not let a bunch of crazy people run around our house with loaded rifles.

For our second class we started out with an air rifle shooting pellets at a target about 30 yards away. We got to practice making sure the rifle wasn't loaded, the safety was on, handling it properly and loading the rifle. We were so thrilled. With some coaching on trigger squeeze we were able to advance to shooting the 22 at a 40-yard target. We all did so well!! We have learned to appreciate the skill it takes to line up your target, control your breathing and properly squeeze the trigger. Not as easy as it looks!

For our third class we continued shooting the 22. We all did much better and were surprised how closer our groupings are getting. We even got to take home our cardboard target for a souvenir. We are having so much fun and the gradual progression eases our anxieties. This week we started working as coaches to each other. This is helping us stay engaged in the whole lesson. Learning to watch out for the basics helps reinforce our own basics. Plus, it's building a support system within our group. Once our groupings are within 2 inches we will graduate to the 223 rifle. Melvin demonstrated how loud and powerful that rifle is for us at the end of class.

To be continued. We'll let you know how this finishes.

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Author Bio :: Diane Ruth

Diane started training in the Martial Arts in 1997 and received her Black Belt certification in 2003. For fifteen years Mrs. Ruth has trained in Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate exclusively. She is a professional instructor teaching both children and adults. Mrs. Ruth is a partner in M&D's Modern Martial Arts Club. M&D's Modern Martial Arts Club which is affiliated with The MALC and Kenpo2000. Diane's primary focus is developing a complete teaching strategy which incorporates Principle Based teaching.

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