One Big Seminar 2009 Recap

By Mike Ilderton
Published on Jun 30th, 2009

On June 13, 2009, at Paston Ridings Primary School in Peterborough, United Kingdom, Peterborough American Kenpo Karate presented ‘One Big Seminar 2009′. Here is a review of that event.

Saturday morning Keelan and I headed South to Peterbrough, some 200 miles from Newcastle. We made good time and arrived just prior to the event commencing.

Keelan was greeted by lots of old friends while I got a big welcome from Andy Fiztgerald and Jason O'Keeffe, along with Tommy and the rest of the gang. I also got to meet Adam Merton for the first time.

After a quick introduction, we were off with quite a warm up from Jason O'Keeffe. Phew !!!!!!!!

Then Andy took centre stage with some Kenpo extentions. I followed with Escrima work. But as time was limited to a 20 min slot, I did not get to expand on the Kenpo and Wado Ryu which I have been working on.

From then on we were on the move as each instructor took up there slot.

The traditional Shotokan from Karen Wild was really great and I fell into Shotokan stances easily. I really liked that part of the day as it took me back 30 years or more. We also had lessons in TaiChi Chuan and Taijutsu plus the Russian (I think ) Systema self defence.

Andy was back with more moves and extensions. I trained with Tommy and got the usual ribbing about old age pensioners and beating up Grandad stuff. Who was fun!

The sparring demo and the short seminar by Jason made me wish I was a few, like 20 years, younger as I would have loved to have had a go at sparring. I really thought I could have scored against him. I may have been able to score about 20 years ago!

The breaking by Andy was impressive and the final event by Jasons display team was something to see.

The final suprise of the day was that Jason recieved his 6th degree and he was given quite an ovation at the end.

It was a day of no politics. Everyone was happy to mix styles and take up the spirit of the day. Friendship.

Well done Andy and Adam!

Pictures from the event can be viewed at the Peterborough American Kenpo Karate Website.

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My time in martial arts stretches back some 50 years. I began my involvement as a 15 year old and took up Judo. At the age of 21 I took up Wado Ryu karate and trained in that art for some 30 years gaining a 5th degree. In tandem to Wado Ryu at the age of 35 I began to learn Tae Kwon Do gaining a first degree in that art More for good attendance than ability I often think! At 50 and finding myself with out a good and or credible Wado Ryu Instructor, I took up Chinese Kempo and after some 5 years gained a black belt in this system.

Finding American Kenpo was a revelation to me and for the past number of years I have attempted to learn the Ed Parker system and continue to train under the guidance of my peers in the MALC organisation. I would be the first to admit that I am not an expert in Kenpo, rather I am a willing student. If I have any skills in the arts it's the ability to link speed and power with economy of motion. I was and hasten to add WAS a proficient free stylist in my younger days. In teaching, be it with the BE SAFE Programme to which the MALC is now linked, or in free style I think that I can offer an articulate and non biased opinion on the merits of the four arts that I have studied.

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