Best Practices For Seminar Day

By Dennis Lawson
Published on Aug 15th, 2009

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast --- Minimize your intake of simple sugars and caffeine. These act as “short term” stimulants and can leave you sleepy or agitated when they wear off.

  2. Wear the appropriate uniform --- If you have questions about proper uniform or anything else; ask the organizer or instructor ahead of time.

  3. Leaving the Class --- If you need to leave the class for any reason, feel free to do so. Just let the instructor or coordinator know before you leave.

  4. Bring the proper materials and equipment --- Ask the organizer or instructor ahead of time if you will need sparring gear, mouthpiece, etc. To make the most of your investment, bring a notebook and pen to make notes. Bring business cards to network with other martial artists. No one may film a seminar or any class without prior written permission from the instructor.

  5. Review --- Participating in a class is an intellectual experience. You can only internalize a lesson through intelligent physical training. Review the lesson within 48 hours of the class and then about a week later to lock it into your long-term memory.

  6. Continue to work on the ideas that were covered to incorporate them into your personal art. If you have further questions, contact the instructor by e-mail.

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Author Bio :: Dennis Lawson

Dennis Lawson has trained for 4 decades in Ed Parker's Kenpo. During his varied career, Mr. Lawson has been an IKKA Regional Director for Region #3, has acted as Master of Ceremonies for the International Karate Championships, and has published numerous articles in publications for the International Kenpo Karate Association, The Martial Arts Learning Community (TheMALC), and Kenpo 2000.

Mr. Lawson has had the opportunity to study other Martial Arts and holds advanced rank in Aikido and Takemusu Aiki Budo. Dennis taught, competed in, and promoted events in the New Orleans area for 20 years. Among his list of favorite achievements is choreographing and performing Kenpo for the Dance Council of New Orleans. His academic background in psychology and love of music allow Dennis to offer a unique and entertaining approach to tailoring "the Art" to the individual. Dennis has taught seminars in Ireland, Jersey Channel Islands, The Netherlands, Portugal, and throughout the United States.

Dennis holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt in Ed Parker's Kenpo and was awarded the title “Professor” under the auspices of The Martial Arts Learning Community (TheMALC). Mr. Lawson was inducted into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame as Master Instructor of the Year for 2006.

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