Investing Attention

By JJ Simon
Published on Oct 14th, 2015

Attention is the single most valuable commodity in the world.Whatever you place your attention on will manifest in your life.Unlike other valuable commodities attention is our birthright and it is free to each of us.The quarry of Awareness that attention is mined from is limitless.A person who is unable to pay attention is like a person standing on top of a gold mine that hasn't been dug yet.

They may find a piece of gold pushed up through the earth from time to time, but they do not realize what is readily accessible with a little effort.They can pay attention for small amounts of time before becoming distracted but it really doesn't get them anywhere.So we have this precious "Thing" that's value is not based on the scarcity of its existence. It's based on its scarcity of application.

In the sense of taking what is most valuable and giving it to someone or something,The interesting thing is that for this payment we don't need to look for any reward.We pay without the desire to get anything back.

The term "Pay attention" is profoundly honest, but I think that a perspective of investment is better for this analogue.

We invest our attention in ourselves, our friends, our communities and so on.One who doesn't make an investment of attention is like a person who spends frivolously on whatever whim they have at the moment.Always ending up with empty pockets and owning things they don't really want or like.This investment always bears fruit! So does a lack of this investment.Furthermore, we can look at this investment of attention from the point of view of the Four Immeasurable.

Loving kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity.

When we invest attention in another person and the purpose of in that attention is that they be free from suffering that is compassion.

One definition of Compassion could be: A persons ability to rest in their own Awareness and mine their own attention freeing them from the habitual, conditioned patterns that dominate their lives.

Investing attention in another with the purpose of them being happy is loving kindness.

This can be seen as: The desire for others to be able to mine their own Awareness and bring attention to their lives in such a way as they may be happy.

Investing our attention on enjoying other people's happiness is sympathetic Joy.

And finally, investing attention in our own minds and the world in such a way that we see all being are as hungry for peace, safety and happiness as we are, that we desire them to have a steady stable mind, calm and free from prejudice, not seeing the world in terms of friends, enemies and strangers. Instead seeing that we are all the same in our desire to be free. Is equanimity.

All of these experiences manifested on the basis of “Investing Attention"May we all invest wisely today, tomorrow and forever.

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Author Bio :: JJ Simon

JJ Simon has studied the Martial Arts for over a decade. In October of 2010, he tested for, and earned, his black belt at TheMALC's annual Residential . Mr. Simon has studied meditation since 1990 and has completed a number of Meditation retreats from 3 to 30 days under such noted teachers as Lama Surya Das, and in the Shambhala training tradition created by Chogyam

JJ has acted as a meditation coach for friends and martial arts associates since 1992. Mr. Simon is a tattoo artist of some renown with some 20 years of experience in the field. He owns Explosive Tattoo South in Salisbury, MD. JJ is also a painter, knife maker, and the Artistic Director for The Martial Arts Learning Community, Inc.

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